Cruise (2019-2020) is a video project I made while working as a bus dispatcher at the port of Bergen, Norway. I filmed the footage over four months of working during Norway’s summer cruise season in 2019. The video was originally scheduled to be shown in an exhibition in March 2020, but it was cancelled due to the pandemic. I made another edit with new text written during the first months of the pandemic, and the video finally premiered at KODE Museet in August of 2020.
    Much of what was predicted in the video has already come true. The shipyards of Turkey and India have been working to quickly dismantle the multitude of cruise ships that have been sold for scrap since the beginning of the pandemic. I am still dreaming of visiting the scrapyards, as soon as I am able to travel.
    The video is completely silent, with long clips and an accompanying text in english. It was designed to be viewed in a gallery setting, and is presented here in its original format.